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About Our Company

Mohankumar Architect started services as Civil Contractor in Chennai over 10 years ago. As a Registered class 1 Contractor in various government departments, Mohankumar constructions always recognized as one of the Top 10 Construction Companies in Chennai. We have completed numerous projects, the projects we delivered has been a complete satisfaction to our customers. we always hold the position as Best Construction Company in Chennai.

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How Our Design Journey Started

As the best recognized  Construction Company in Chennai, we started regonizing that 60% house owners spending up more when constructing their houses because of not utilizing design service. With the numerous experience we started delivering the design services for everyone at low cost to improve your house build quality, to reduce the Construction cost and to add more value to your house.

Why MohanKumar Architect ?

We understand that every penny you spend for your dream house must worth of it. We offer the excellent service with high quality design and superior on time delivery. We understand that every new appointment is an opportunity to create something that is both extraordinary and unique within a design that is effective, practical and smart. Design is key, but the completion of every project on time and budget is just as fundamental to our work. We pride ourselves in the perfect delivery of excellent projects and attention to the minute details. We work with the best Architects and designers suppliers so that our service can be delivered to your exact requirements and every dream becomes a reality. 


About Our CEO

Mr MohanKumar is the Founder of MK Group of companies. He started his career at the age of 17 in the construction industry and has more than ten years of industry experience. In the long journey of construction filed he noticed that around 60% of people spend more when constructing their house. So he decided to start an architectural service that delivers high quality of design service which reduce Your construction cost and save your time. As his words, he has earned 289 happy smiles from clients and delivered around 350 projects in a short period.

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