2D house plans

Happiness is building your home with all your dream and ideas. Visualize your home in the empty piece of land with all essential things that must be used while constructing your dream house. A 2D house plan gives you a birds-eye view of your house, it shows the walls, room layout and fixed additions like windows, doors, and stairs. 

2D House Plans

Why a 2D House plan is important when building your house?

A house plan gives you every detail about your house design. It shows the view of the house from the top view giving you a better idea of the spaces and dimensions throughout your home and it explains all the features of your house.

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Setback Area in 2D House Plans

What is Setback Area?

Setback is defined in the Tamilnadu Combined Development & Building Rules of 2019 (TNCDBR) as: The open space across front or sides or rear of a plot between the building and street alignment or boundary of the plot as the case may be; The setback of the buildings depending on: Road width of the abutting road.

What is a HEadroom?

Headroom is the minimum height required above a floor surface for a person to move comfortably, without hitting any element above. The word is used in many more context than just floor.

Staircase in 2D House Plans

Staircase planning

Staircase planning is essential when planning a construction for your house. A 2D house plan would contain a proper allocation for staircase to access every floor till the open terrace.

Room Allocation?

Room allocation is the computational arrangement of rooms (spaces) in a 2D House Plan. In other words, it is the process of determining the position and size of different rooms in a two-dimensional space, according to the user’s requirements and topological and geometric constraints.

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our process for making 2d house plans

3D Elevation Design Process

Benefits of 2D house plans

Turn your ideas into visuals

House designs converts your ideas into visuals that explains what needs to be done.

Ensures Easy Adjustments

It helps to make adjustments easily before working on the design. ​

Reduce confusions

It reduce confusions and ensures the project is completed successfully.

Helps In Purchasing

A house plan helps you in deciding and purchasing materials for your house. ​

Decision Making

Home plans with accurate measurements helps you to decide the furniture that suits you

Work Blueprint

House design acts as a blueprint offering you a clear understanding of the design and save money and time for you.

Numbers speak everything
Projects Completed
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2D House Plans which is segmented by No of Bedrooms

1 BHK House Plans

Single bedroom house plans is for smaller plot sizes such as 300 to 400 square feet. Design your 1 BHK plan with elevation.

2 BHK House Plans

2 BHK House designs starts from 450 sqft without car parking and it may be of single storey or multi storey residential house designs

3 BHK House Plans

Design your residential house with 3 BHK house designs in 1000 sq ft, 1200 Sq ft, 1500 sq ft, 1600 sq ft with Pooja room, Car parking, Duplex type or Bungalow design.

4 BHK House Plans

Design your Modern 4 BHK duplex villa and bungalow design with 2 storey. Get the detailed floor plan before starting the construction